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Before the COVID-19 travel restrictions were imposed, people rarely traveled to Magnetic Island. Actually, it rarely came up when people were looking for Queensland tropical island escapes. Most people visited other places such as Hamilton Island, islands off Cairns and Port Douglas, the Whitsundays and many more. Well, thanks to the discovery of Magnetic Island and the magnificent beauty surrounding it, you can enjoy this amazing paradise with crystal-clear bays and local wildlife when you start traveling again.

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1.       Beautiful And Easily Accessible

Magnetic Island is beautiful and easily accessible just like the Whitsundays but without the expensive prices. You should be able to fly directly to Townsville from Brisbane. It is a cheaper flight than going to the Whitsundays or Hamilton Island. The ferry costs $60 for a return trip for 2 adults. Sealink Queensland ferries operate frequently and it’s only a 20-minute ride from Townsville.

Balcony View

2.       Private And Pristine Beaches

Magnetic Island is home to numerous bays with outstanding features. They are definitely the top sights to see when on the island.

For Sally Austin, a Queensland-based health expert, getting away to Magnetic Island always offers the best opportunity to hit the reset button amongst beautiful nature. “Life often moves so fast that we forget to stop and enjoy the incredible country we live in. Being able to get to Magnetic Island relatively easily is brilliant, because it’s quite peaceful and offers some beaches that are arguably Australia’s best-kept secrets.”

3.       Hundreds Of Wild Koalas

If you have never come across a koala before, you should definitely make a trip to Magnetic Island. It is home to more than 800 koalas. You should be able to spot a wild koala at the Forts Walk located on the 4km trail. If you miss out on seeing koalas in the wild, you should consider checking out Bungalow Bay Koala village with daily koala shows.

4.       Local Rock Wallabies

If you have always wanted to see local rock wallabies, you should be able to see them at Magnetic Island, Queensland. They can only be found around this North Eastern region of Queensland. Therefore, it’s a special place to see them.

Australian lifestyle entrepreneur Virginia Mealing believes that being able to interact with such an iconic Australian animal with ease is something that not many countries around the world can offer. “Wallabies are cute little critters, and it’s incredible to think just how easy it is to interact with them. It’s so much fun to feed them, and it can also be a cathartic experience too.”

If you make your way to Geoffrey Bay at sunset you should be able to spot wallabies at their feeding time. They are friendly enough for you to feed them from your hands. Make sure you buy some wallaby food at a general store first so you can enjoy these precious moments.

5.       360 Degree Panoramic Island View

At Magnetic Island, you can experience a 360 degree panoramic view of the island with spectacular ocean views and amazing hiking trails. You can take one of these amazing hikes and enjoy stunning views of the island’s landscapes and glistening bays. Bring out your best hiking shoes and enjoy the stunning views. Some of the hikes you should consider include:

•           The Forts Walks – It covers a 4 km return trip and you should be able to spot koalas, explore the abandoned forts and enjoy magnificent views of the island.

•           Hawking’s Point Lookout – It covers a 1.2 km return trip with amazing views of Nelly Bay, Picnic Bay and Rocky Bay. Don’t forget to bring your swimmers as you may want to dip your toes in the water at Rocky Bay.

•           Horseshoe Bay To Balding Bay And Radical Bay – It covers 1.5 km return trip. You should take the high tide route as you enter the trail and pass through the butterfly sanctuary as you visit the private bays. Don’t forget to bring your swimmers for the trip.

6.       Abandoned World War II Forts

Magnetic Island is also home to some of World War II forts. Here, you can learn more about Australia’s war history.

Concreter Bill Pantazis often marvels at how well-preserved the World War II buildings around Australia are. “It truly feels like a lifetime ago when World War II happened, but in the grand scheme of things, around 80 years ago isn’t a long time. But imagining who would have been in these forts and shelters, how they would have felt, what they would be doing, it truly does boggle the mind at times.”

You can visit the Gun Batteries and Fort Buildings still standing at the Forts Walk.

7.       104-Year Old Shipwreck

During the low tides, you can visit Cockle Bay then walk to the sea to view the sunken SS City of Adelaide that has been wrecked for 104 years.

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